vision after 40

Ever experience difficulty reading or seeing clearly up close? You may be experiencing presbyopia, an age-related condition that causes blurry near vision.1,2

Don’t reach for readers. Reach for NaturalVue® Multifocal 1 Day Contact Lenses

See clearly at all distances. These innovative lenses work naturally to help focus your eyes—for clear vision near, far, and everywhere in between.

Wearer satisfaction

In a clinical study, wearers gave higher ratings to NaturalVue® Multifocal for vision in everyday situations vs. their current correction.



Watching TV and Movies


Reading Very Small Print

Working on a Computer

Using a Cellphone

Reading Signs

Driving At Night


NaturalVue® Multifocal Contact Lens wearers can perform 92% of daily activities without reading glasses, even in low light.3


Of patients prefer NaturalVue® Multifocal Contact Lenses over other select multifocal contact lenses.1